Your body thrives in an alkaline state and the juices in this cleanse package will help to promote and increase your bodies alkaline level. Many believe that disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment. Adding in lots of alkalising juice and eliminating foods that promote an acidic environment will put you in a great position to take full control over your health. 

The Alkalising Cleanse

  • Juices Included

    3 bottles of The Celery One

    3 bottles of The Green One

    1 bottle of The Red One

    1 bottles of Lemon & Ginger (Little Big Shot)

  • Nutrition

    The Celery One

      Per 100ml Serving
    Energy 54.4kj
    Energy 12.7Kcal


    of which saturates




    of which sugars



    Protein 0.27g
    Salt 0.05g


    The Red One

      Per 100ml Serving
    Energy 257kj
    Energy 61Kcal


    of which saturates




    of which sugars



    Protein 1.4g
    Salt 0.01g


    Lemon & Ginger (Little Big Shot)


      Per 100ml Serving
    Energy 358.1kj
    Energy 92.1Kcal


    of which saturates




    of which sugars



    Protein 1.9g
    Salt 0.03g
  • Delivery Information

    After you place your order, your cleanse will be freshly made on our next available juicing day and sent out the same day. Deliveries are made on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We also offer Saturday delivery, but our courier costs a little more!


    You can select your timeslot at the checkout.


    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

    Before 4:00pm - £5.95

    Before 12:00pm - £9.00

    Before 9:00am - £16.00



    Before 10:00am - £30.00


    If you have any questions about delivery costs, just drop us a line. One of our friendly team is eagelry sat by their phone, just waiting for the questions to come pouring in!

  • Juice Boost

    If going without solid food isn't for you, why not try boosting instead. 

    A juice boost is the same as a cleanse but without removing solid food. The idea of a juice boost is to flood your body with all the goodness inside the juice and offer your body a nutrition hit over the time period chosen. 

    Whilst boosting we recomend consuming unprocessed, raw fruits and vegetables only along side your daily juice package.

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